50+ Dating Advice for Men

When you’re younger, I think that it’s actually harder for men than it is for women to go on dates. A man in his twenties needs to have lots of self-esteem, confidence, and money, to be attractive to women.

However, when they get older, men find it much easier. They find that over 50 dating for men goes much more smoothly than when they’re younger.

For one thing, men over 50 usually have a lot more money than when they were in their twenties. Second, they have a lot more self-esteem and confidence after many more years of experience.

Also, women their own age over 50 have a much harder time than when they were younger. They’re much less attractive physically, and the men are in much higher demand. Men also want younger women than them, they don’t want to date old women.

And they do successfully date younger women. Just look at all of the actors in their sixties with twenty-something girlfriends and wives.

The reason it works is because these 50+ men sometimes have much higher status in their older age than when they were younger.

Women definitely respond to men with lots of power and influence – they don’t want weaklings and spineless men do they? Men are rarely spineless when 50 years old or over.

So you’re in luck if you’re an older guy, you have it easier than when you were younger. Men actually become more valuable in dating when they age and women decrease in value when they age.

Think about it this way – women want an alpha male when dating, or a bet male to provide for them, or a combination of the two is good.

Ever notice how younger women go with men whom they know are “bad for them” but they can’t resist? All women love bad boys because they are alpha males.

In addition women would also like a less alpha man to provide for them financially with a house and nice gifts. They often think they are “owed” it too, as if it’s what a man “should” do. Well we can all laugh at that.

So what you must do is show that you’re confident and that she can’t sway you. She will test you to see if she can bend your will, but she will be deeply disappointed if she succeeds. Dating is all about power and 50+ dating is no different.

And she will also leave you if you are broke. Women are incapable of unconditional love – they will swing to a higher branch without hesitation or guilt. Understanding that is a key to understanding women. Hypergamy and gathering of resources are instincts written deep into their programming.

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